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Welcome to Urascraft!
To join our community, please login or register!
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Join Us!

Two solutions are available to join UrasCraft.
The official version or the Offline version.

Official version
Download Minecraft from Minecraft.net if you haven't already.
Connecte your account and select version 1.19.4 on the launcher!
Clique multiplayer and use this ip: to join the server.

Offline version
You are not lucky enough to have an official version?
It doesn't matter ;) We also accept Offline versions!
Download an unofficial launcher such as: TLauncher
Don't forget to select version 1.19.4!
Enter the following ip: to join us.

Your first connection to Urascraft
During your first connection you will have to reserve your nickname with a password.
To do it follow the instructions below:

Use the command: /register Pass Pass.
This command will protect your account with a password.
You only have to do the /register command once at the very beginning!
During subsequent logins simply use: /login Pass
(You have to change "Pass" to YOUR password for example "/register 123456 123456")
(Do not use an easy password like this exemple!)